Current Exhibits on view through August 5, 2016

The Main Gallery features THE ART OF LOUIS F.VOORHEES. Born in Michigan and raised in Ohio, Louis Voorhees earned both of his Bachelors and Master’s degrees in architecture at the University of Michigan. During World War I, he was in the First Camouflage Corps: and after the war he worked as an architectural draftsman in San Francisco, CA. There he associated with many of the great artists of the Bay District. He left the West Coast in 1921, to join the faculty of the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia. In 1924, Voorhees came to High Point, NC, where he began his career with architect Herbert Hunter, practiced on his own, and then formed a partnership with Eccles Everhart in 1938. In 1959 Everhart and Voorhees took on a third partner, George C. Conner, Jr. and practiced until his retirement in 1965.

The art of Louis F. Voorhees, Sr. is permanently and thoroughly fused with his profession. His early love of drawing led him to architecture, and he characterized himself as an “architect with a hobby: painting”.

“The accomplishments of a successful architect provide for that profession a form of lasting memorial that few others may claim. Schools, churches, public buildings and many fine homes in this area stand in memory of Louis F. Voorhees who labored for most of his professional career in High Point. The name of Louis Voorhees will rank at the top of lists of the Builders of a City.” (5/22/1974 HP Enterprise Editorial – Holt McPherson).


Over his lifetime, Voorhees sketched, painted, etched, and designed. He studied art with Hugh Breckenridge and passed his love of art on to his own students at the High Point Arts and Crafts workshop. His paintings have been shown in many galleries, both locally and nationally.

The demands of his profession left little time to paint, so he developed a rapid method of work, employing simple lines and form, and pure, clear color. Voorhees always captured his surroundings in his artwork. He has left numerous examples of High Point’s landscapes, portraits, still life, industrial and residential scenes, for us to enjoy. His architecture will be highlighted in Gallery B


The Hallway Gallery will exhibit photography of the remnants of High Point’s industrial past photographed by Julia Mason Eanes.  These images will be displayed in juxtaposition with some of Vorhees’ paintings of then-thriving manufacturing plants. The entire exhibit is part of the weeklong “Celebrate the Old North State”. (




The Kaleidoscope Youth Gallery is hosting the Annual TAG Middle School Exhibit with art work from the students of our area middle schools.





Theatre Art Galleries is located in downtown High Point at 220 E. Commerce Ave. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday from 12:00-5:00 p.m. For more information contact the TAG office at 336-887-2137 or visit